понедельник, 15 октября 2012 г.

A first encounter

Starting a new class

Good evening, everyone! 

Today I’m going to tell you about my first day at new school.
I’ve had some embarrassing experience in my life, but one of the worst was starting a class at a new school.
Well, you know it’s really hard to change old school with good friends and nice teachers to a new one, where you don’t know anyone…
So my very first day started as a typical first day when everyone was on their best behavior. Girls were dressed nicely and guys had done their hair and had polished their shoes.  All pupils wanted to make a really good impression!
And I remember I was feeling kind of…kind of nervous, maybe a tiny bit shy! I went into a new situation and it was hard to me to be open with new people I’ve just met. 

I can even say I was feeling out of my depth!  
But one girl came up to me and said hello. She was so kind and friendly to me that I clicked her straightaway. Up to now we are best friends, who have their own  friendship's day! And I hope we’ll never drift apart!

In conclusion, I’d like to add one really nice phrase - No joy without allow!
Well, thank you for your reading. If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them!

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  1. Masha, thank you very much for your story!
    I think it's very realistic and vital. And I believe that these situations help us to recieve necessary life experience and become more confident.
    I also believe that your friend will always support you))