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Language experience

My language learning experience

Today I would like to share my opinion with you about learning experience. 

Well, nowadays there are more than 250 countries and more than 7 milliard people in the world. The invention of the Internet allows us to find out about different countries, various languages and so on. Thanks to it we can meet interesting people from all parts of the world.  Now English is the most popular language and we can’t by without using it. By the way, if you want to travel or want to have an interesting and well-paid job, English will be a vital necessary. That’s why there are lots of courses to any taste.
First of all, what makes a great student?
Let me see…Firstly, I think a good student is a person who has a willingness to work hard. It’s someone, who’s willing to make mistakes. You have absolutely got to make a lot of mistakes if you want to learn anything. If it makes look a little bit foolish at times, you should say, “Okay, I didn’t get this right. I don’t quite know this yet, but let me correct it here”. In my opinion, if you’re not making mistakes, you’re not learning. Secondly, you should have a keen interest. If you are studying just because you need and you don’t really learn how to love what you’re studying, I don’t think you’re going to make much progress about what you’re doing, so you need the passion of what you’re studying. Thirdly, what makes a good student is perseverance and discipline. Nothing comes easy in life and if you really want to learn, you have to stick to it.
During you study, it will be perfect to have a good teacher. 

 Good teacher…Well, one thing that makes a good teacher is patience and dedication to his work. I think you have to love teaching to be a really good teacher. The great teacher should listen attentively to the students; explain anything that the students might not understand. What is more it’s a person who challenges their students at every turn and breaks down their accepted norms and teaches them to be open to new ones.
We all know that nobody learn the same way so there are a lot of ways to learn. I think the best way is probably try to combine the different methods and get a balanced approach.  Do a little reading, a little speaking, a little writing, and a little listening. Furthermore, I guess it would just be by talking to people in English and just keep going at it and keep going at it, and eventually you’ll get it I think. Try to take whatever you learn in class and practice it outside of class. If you have a lot of friends who speak English, then it become a very interactive experience and you also have incentive to learn more.
It’s very important to be well organized when you’re studying. Besides, it will be great if you are good at managing your time.
Unfortunately, I’m rather a disorganized person. Nowadays, I have a busy life, because of studying at the university, so, it’s quite difficult to remember all things, which I need to do. I find I’ve got too much to keep in my head, and now I can’t always rely on my good memory, that’s why a tidy notebook is the best decision for me. Well, I think I’m not good enough at managing my time. Now and then, it’s very difficult to me to do unpleasant work, especially, after a busy day at the university, and I can put it off until I really have to do it. But now, I quite understand that it’s very important to prioritize the most important things, like languages’ home works, and do them straight away and not to waste time!

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