вторник, 21 февраля 2012 г.

Modern ways of communication

Keeping in touch with friends
Hello everyone!!! Today I would like to discuss with you different ways of keeping in touch with our friends. I find this topic very interesting, so I hope you’ll like it, as well.

In my opinion, nowadays lots of people have a hectic lifestyle. That’s why most of them don’t have enough time to write letters or call their friends on the phones. What a shame, don’t you think so?
 But thanks to modern technologies, we have other useful ways to stay in touch with our friends and relatives. We can use mobile phones, email, text, Skype and social networking sites. Someone prefers to use only one way, and then the others mix all modern technologies for communication. For example, many young people like texting and social networking sites, but adults prefer mobile phones and emails.

As to me, I try to take a balanced approach. A little talking, a little messaging, a little emailing helps me to stay in touch with my family and friends. For instance, I use texting every day. Of course, I like face-to-face relationship, but I’m a student, and I’m always in a bit of a hurry, so I text or call on my mobile phone. It helps me save my time and money. That’s why I can say, that one of my favourite gadgets is my mobile phone. Besides this, I like using  social networking. I can share some great news with my friends, amazing photos and wonderful emotions! I use email every day. I communicate not only with my friends, but also with my English teacher. It helps me to get new knowledge straight away. That’s a good idea, do you agree with me?   

     I think nowadays we have lots of nice ways to stay in touch with friends and family at any time, at any place. Of course fewer and fewer people write letters with the years, but our world is developing, and we develop, as well. When I was a child I couldn’t imagine that one day I would write blogs, download photos, and my friends would read them!!! 

     And what do you think about it? Please don’t hesitate to share your ideas and ask questions!


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  1. Masha, it's really nice that we have so many various kinds of communication. And now we don't need to wait for a long time to send or get a letter with interesting news. Now we can immediately compare notes))

    1. Yes, that's right!!!
      We can get know about everything immediately!
      I think, it's great:)

  2. I think that it’s great to be in touch with different people: your friends, relatives or teachers.
    Masha, do you communicate with people that live in foreign countries? (In England or Japan for example)

    1. Well, from time to time...
      To be honest, nowadays I'm looking for foreign friends in social networks. I have some friends in Facebook from Indonesia, Malaysia, China, and we communicated when we fist met, but unfortunately we didn't became close pen pals friends.
      But I don't give up, I looking for my ideal foreign friend!

  3. Thank you Masha,it is very interesting statement! What method you find more useful?

    1. Thank you, as well)
      In my opinion the best gadget for me is a mobile phone. I can text or call on it. Also, modern phones have very comfy interface for the using social network) My mobile telephone saves my time and money!