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Childhood's memories

My memories of food
 There were four of us at home when I was growing up – my father, my mother, my brother and me. Both my mum and dad were great cooks, but my mother did most of the cooking. Of course, my brother and I helped her. Each of us was responsible for particular daily chores: Zhenya, my older brother, used to chop vegetables, I helped with the washing up.
I used to love everything my mother cooked. I wasn’t very fussy about the food, so it wasn’t a problem for my mum to cook anything for me. My favourite dishes were small meat balls with some vegetables and cheese topping! My mouth was always watering, when I smelt them!  The Only thing I disliked was milk. From time to time my mum tried to give me some milk, but I refused it.  It was my pet hate!
As a family, we always used to try new things and experiments with food. I remember being in Paris, when I was 17, digging into the national French food like prawns. It was so delicious!!! I’ve always loved trying new foods. By the way, the taste of famous French dish “Frog legs” was like  prawns, and the tomato source was very tasty. I liked it very much!
When I was growing up, our family always used to eat around a table. I think that’s why I enjoy food, because meals were, and still are a family event. We used to go to my nan’s on summer holidays – she used to make lovely cherry or meat pies. Actually at nan’s, we had a three-course dinner: different soups, meat or fish and a cup of tea followed by those tasty pies.
          I think a happy childhood gives you a right view of food and of yourself. Nowadays I am healthy, because now and then I ate and I eat food, which is rich in nutrition. I don’t turn down traditional food. I am a sensible eater, who has a balanced diet and regular exercise. I eat what I fancy and I feel good about it! In my opinion, having a great family and having normal people around me keeps me grounded.

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  1. Oh, I think that's fine to try something new. I know that "Frog legs" is a legendary dish of French culinaryart, but I've never tasted it. I also like prawns, they are so delicious!