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The best party I have ever had

 My graduation day

In our country, if a child finishes school with a gold or silver medal, he or she gets a special invitation to the ball of the medallists which is usually held in the Palace of Culture. Once a year, the ball takes place at the end of July and lasts one day. I don’t know exactly, but I think it takes several months to organize such a ceremony, and lots of people join in the preparations. Balloons, congratulation banners, and fairy lights are everywhere, and they all help to create the unforgettable atmosphere during the event.

Well, on graduation day all the school leavers gathered in the hall. We all were called one by one onto the stage to receive our certificates. Speeches were made; the teachers and the director shook our hands and congratulated us as everyone applauded. Those who graduated from school with a gold or silver medal got an invitation ticket to the graduation ceremony ball, and I was among them. 

On the next day after the school leaving party, I went to the ball of the medallists of  the Moscow area. I was very thrilled to have a chance to visit it. When we arrived at the Palace of Culture, we saw lots of buses with  high school leavers from other towns. There were lots of girls wearing beautiful dresses and awesome hairstyles, and guys dressed in elegant costumes. Some people were in fancy dresses, but most of high school graduates were in glamorous party clothes.
  The celebration began at 10 a.m. and there was plenty to see. First of all, the celebration started with the theatrical performance, to honour the 65th Anniversary of Victory in The Second World War. We saw how lots of graduates held their school living parties at those times. It was so touching, and really exciting. Then some representatives of the Moscow area administration congratulated all high school leavers on the occasion. After the end of the official part we went to the dance hall. There was a good variety of music – something for everyone, that’s why everybody was dancing.

I felt very lucky to experience such a wonderful, happy celebration. A feeling of pride and satisfaction stayed with me throughout the evening. I had lots of fun and entertainment. I think I’ve had the time of my life! 

         I’ll always remember my graduation because it signified the end of a long period of hard work and the beginning of a new era in my life!!!

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  1. Maria,it was very interesting to know something about the medallist's ball.You got a medal,I want to congratulate you!!!And I very happy for you!